Visiting 28 friends in 30 places in 5 minutes

Watch me travel all around the world over ten years.

After writing this travelogue for ten years and creating travel videos for five, I decided it was time to try to capture the spirit of Without Baggage in a short video. It took me a couple months of intermittent work to end up with I don’t take beach selfies, which you can watch above. In the five minute video, I visit 28 friends in 30 destinations around the world.

Brian and Hank hiking up Kala Patthar in Nepal.
Brian and Hank hiking up Kala Patthar in Nepal.

Making this video was hard for a bunch of reasons. I have over 8,000 gigabytes of video footage from the past five years, and it was almost too much to look through. Nevertheless, my heart broke as I looked through the footage and discovered the number of trips I had taken (before phone cameras and DSLRs) without filming anything. Then, even when I finally pulled together a string-out of my favorite moments from the last five years, trying to cull the 15 minutes of material to a mere 5 five was agonizing. I know that some travel-focused YouTubers have two-minute highlight reels which pack in nearly 100 destinations, but my travelogue has always been focused on narrative. I wanted my video to feel like watching a group of compelling stories, as opposed to a breathless reel of bungee jumps and beach selfies.

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