Virtual Reality

VR in the Great Outdoors

Since we didn’t have many adventure options during the pandemic, my brother Brian and I attempted VR in the great outdoors. We reviewed Phantom: Covert Ops paddling in real kayaks, Freediver: Triton Down scuba diving in a real lake, VZFit Jailbreak horseback riding on a real bicycle (lol), Holofit rowing on a real snow sled, The Climb in real rope harnesses, MarineVerse Cup sailing in a real pool, and Nature Treks VR hiking in a… dingy garage.

The Experience Age

I’m fascinated by media and technology history, so I took a tour of entertainment-industry mecca Los Angeles, strolling through 80 years of media history — from the start of television to the commercialization of virtual reality. Along the way, I explain how experiences make our lives meaningful and, why, over the last 15 years, our ability to cultivate and have incredible experiences has skyrocketed, shifting us into a truly new time in history: The Experience Age.

VR on a Plane

The moment I got my first Meta Quest, I took it on an airplane to find out which VR games work best while flying. While traveling from Los Angeles to New York, I review Moss, Space Pirate Trainer, Thumper, Beat Saber, Angry Birds, Tokyo Chronos, I Expect You to Die, Pistol Whip, Ocean Rift, Tilt Brush, Robo Recall, Bait, VR Karts, Epic Roller Coasters, Ultrawings, Creed, Job Simulator, Pokerstars VR, Rec Room, and Bigscreen.

Best VR Workouts

My brother Brian and I spent tens of hours tinkering with a variety of mixed-reality filming techniques to create a tour de force review of the best virtual reality fitness games, including Supernatural, Sprint Vector, FitXR (formerly BoxVR), Thrill of the Fight, Creed, Bitslap, Pistol Whip, Beat Saber, VZFit, Audio Trip, OhShape, Ninja Legends, Gorn, and Racket: NX.

Rattlesnake to Westwater 360º

In our award-winning 360º adventure film, my friend Jake and I packrafted the Colorado River in by hiking in through Rattlesnake Canyon and paddling Horsethief, Ruby, and Westwater Canyons. Better yet, we filmed the entire adventure in spherical video for viewing on a VR headset. At 2,500 cfs, we paddled Skull Rapid, Funnel Falls, Bowling Alley, Sock It To Me, Last Chance, and we visited the Room of Doom. The film was a Waterwalker Film Festival 2021 Winner and Maine Outdoor Film Festival 2021 Official Selection.

Hank flipping
Jake Climbing Down
Jake, Hank packing